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Here are a few to consider based on Waldo’s content:

One Team-One Mission, Mission: Excellence!, Never Fly Solo, Winning Together, Accelerate to Great, Aim High – Deliver More!, The Power of Partnership, The Power of WE!, Speed to Lead, Collaborate to Great, The Right Stuff, Force of One, Push it up!, Breaking Barriers, Above and Beyond, Executing For Success!, Aim High, SOAR!, Soaring to New Heights, Take Flight!, Mission: Possible, Who’s Your Wingman?

Custom Challenge Coins…a great way to sustain the energy and theme of the meeting:

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As a corporate executive or meeting planner, you’re looking for a high impact, relevant, professional motivational speaker or keynote speaker to deliver results at your next sales meeting, leadership conference, or association convention. You can’t afford to waste your time. Most importantly, your employees, clients and partners can’t afford to waste their time at your meeting unless you deliver value and maximize the return on their investment.

While there are hundreds of motivational speakers to choose from, you want one that that you can trust to deliver a unique keynote that not only can engages the audience with customized content, but also inspires them to take action that leads to bottom line results.

Waldo has earned his wings as a motivational keynote speaker, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and was recently inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, one of less than 180 speakers in the world (including Colin Powell and Zig Ziglar.) He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), which is the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skill (only 7% of all speakers worldwide have this certification.) Finally, he holds an MBA and has real world sales experience.

With Waldo Waldman as your motivational keynote speaker, you’ll accomplish your meeting objectives and he’ll make you look great. He and his staff will help you customize a powerful kick-off or closing keynote and will help set a positive tone of teamwork, trust and collaboration at the beginning of your meeting, and will leave your audience inspired to take action at its conclusion.

Review these motivational keynote videos to get a small sample of how Waldo will deliver results!