“Your opening keynote speech at our National Sales Meeting was the “WOW” factor we needed to fire up our group…. Your personal touch will sustain the memory of this event for years to come.”

Matthew Roberson, Sr. VP of Sales, Sumitomo Drive Technologies

 Keynote Speaker


You’re searching for the perfect opening or closing motivational speaker for your corporate sales meeting or association conference. You’ve viewed countless websites, videos, and program summaries and still can’t find a speaker with a message that’s relevant, unique and has the the energy necessary to command the attention your attendees need.


You’re tired, frustrated, and running out of patience.


Enter The Wingman – Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman



A member of the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, Waldo is a motivational speaker that transforms his real world sales and business  experience and a background as a fighter pilot into an exciting program that empowers attendees to break performance barriers in highly competitive environments.  


He doesn’t just deliver a keynote speech.  He delivers an experience. 


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Dramatic jet fighter footage,  high energy music, and audience interaction are utilized as he shares tools and techniques to promote cultures rooted in accountability, preparation, teamwork, and trust.  Waldo will share how he overcame claustrophobia and a fear of heights to become a decorated fighter pilot, corporate sales leader, and entrepreneur. Most importantly, he’ll customize each program, address the specific challenges faced by your organization and make sure his content is relevant to the current business issues facing corporate America.   



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Many companies are struggling to stay competitive in today’s volatile economy. Employees have lost their passion due to being overwhelmed, over-stressed, and uninspired.  As a result of poor teamwork and low morale, operational cultures have eroded their focus on performance.  Waldo’s mission is to ignite them back into action and produce results!


Click to learn about Waldo’s popular keynote:  Never Fly  Solo

Waldo Waldman Sales Keynote Speaker




Audiences leave Waldo’s keynote with new skills to:

  • Adapt to change
  • Overcome obstacles to break performance barriers
  • Lead with conviction, integrity and compassion
  • Build trust in their fellow wingmen and themselves
  • Maximize potential in both business and life

Waldo’s programs have impacted hundreds of organizations in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and technology. His clients include PayPal, Aflac, Oppenheimer, Subway, UPS, Merck, Hewlett-Packard, MassMutual, Medtronic, Allstate, VerizonSiemens, and dozens of national associations.


We’d love to discuss how Waldo can be your wingman to customize a high energy program that will turn your meeting into a Top Gun event!  Call 1-866-925-3616 or visit the contact page to schedule a call.


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