“You delivered more than a “call to action” keynote to our Sales, Marketing, and Underwriting teams.  We distributed your book and have used it in our training, and have adopted the “One Team, One Mission” mantra throughout our entire organization.”

Steve Zabriskie, Asst. VP Sales, Auto-Owners Insurance Company

Sales Keynote Speaker

DSC_7108Are you searching for an unforgettable sales keynote speaker for your next corporate meeting?


Would you like this speaker to be high energy and able to deliver relevant sales strategies and motivation in a unique manner, who also has a ton of experience in real-world sales?


We understand that hiring a sales keynote speaker can be time consuming and stressful. Let Waldo Waldman be your wingman on this mission.


Audience Pusht it up! smallerWaldo leverages his experience as a fighter pilot and sales manager to deliver a customized, entertaining, and high content program for your meeting. His passion for building high performance teams and creating cultures of trust and mutual support serve as the foundation for his keynotes.


Waldo is the author of the national bestseller Never Fly Solo which was voted the Top Sales Leadership Book of 2012 by Selling Power Magazine. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, he’s delivered sales keynotes for over 13 years and  has the real-world experience and reputation critical to attract attendees to your conference or event. He has been featured in Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Business Week, and The Harvard Business Review.


Waldo’s motivating and inspiring sales keynotes, seminars, and workshops have transformed hundreds of companies and have boosted the sales, morale and productivity of companies such as John Hancock, Johnson & Johnson, Honda, Marriott Hotels, Novartis, Subway, and Medtronic.

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Prepare diligently for every mission
  • Create a culture of accountability, commitment, and collaboration
  • Transform fear of change and innovation into the ability to break performance barriers
  • Lead with compassion, service, and integrity
  • Develop trusting and revenue producing relationships with partners and customers

When Waldo plans for your corporate sales event, he diligently prepares for every mission and customizes his programs to meet your specific needs. He consistently delivers a unique and high energy keynote.


“I can’t recall a time when a featured speaker had been so prepared and found out so much about team Zurich to be able to connect as you did. It was the launching pad for our entire sales conference.”

Mike Vaught, Executive Director, National Sales, Zurich Insurance


Waldo is a master at customizing his multimedia, high-energy, and interactive sales keynotes to fit any audience.  Call Waldo today and let him be your wingman and help you flight plan a top gun event for your meeting.  Call 1-866-925-3616 for a presentation folder and a full demo video.

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