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Refuel & Retool – How to maintain your performance and mindset



Every fighter pilot is required to have a minimum of 12 hours of crew rest between training sorties and combat missions.

The reason for this rule is because in the high stress, peak performance world of a fighter squadron, training and combat can leave you physically and mentally drained. If you’re not rested, mission-ready, and focused, the consequences can be disastrous.
(BTW – the same holds true for the jets we fly. They must be hangared and repaired to ensure they perform at their best.)

Simply put, burnout and fatigue are killers in the world of the fighter pilot, and they can also kill growth, performance, and morale in the stressful world of business.

As you complete the first half of the year and enjoy your summer vacation and time off, it’s important to reflect on how important it is to get your crew rest. After all, the most important wingman in your life is yourself.

Taking time for crew rest and scheduling periods to refuel and retool is the key to maintaining your performance and mindset. By pulling back the throttle and getting into the hangar for maintenance and repair, you’ll refuel your jet and get back in the air at full power.

The result will be enhanced productivity, a more positive mindset, and a refreshed outlook on the meaning of your work and why you got to battle every day.

So, what are you doing to Refuel and Retool? Please reply and let me know, and also share this with a wingman who could use a little downtime.

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