Keynote Speaker & Meeting Partner

Planning an exciting, content-rich, and productive event takes creativity, flexibility, and teamwork. You want a great return for your investment. Waldo and his dedicated staff are committed to being your wingmen to help you accomplish your mission: on-time and on-target!

Waldo’s Message for Meeting Planners
When Planning for Your Event, Waldo Will:
  • Understand your mission, customers, and competition
  • Conduct a pre-mission intelligence briefing to ensure his content is aligned with your objectives.
  • Provide promotional materials, biography, photos, introduction, AV requirements, etc.
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Waldo's Value

Waldo has done thousands of programs around the world and is happy to help you build a memorable meeting experience. If you are looking for help picking a theme, custom gifts, or even extending the energy of the event throughout the year, Waldo’s team can help. Explore the value added items below and let’s discuss how Waldo can take your event to the next level.


Customizing Your Keynote

Waldo’s programs are customized to your specific meeting and business objectives. His “mission planning” begins well before the meeting as he researches and gathers intel with your team to ensure relevance of his message. On site, he continues to gather data to make sure his content is timely and related to the issues of the day. What results is a keynote that’s specialized for your attendees.

Driving Attendance

When booking Waldo, ask us about crafting a customized video message to help drive attendance to your event. We’ll work with you to come up with a short, high-energy video to email to prospective attendees or post on your event site and social media.

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Theme Ideas

Talk to our team about theme ideas for your event that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. We are happy to pass along example theme books as well as ideas of what works well in conjunction with Waldo’s keynotes.

Challenge Coins

Waldo’s challenge coins are a great way to memorialize your event and keep the energy alive with attendees long after the event. They can be purchased from the Wingman store or even customized to include your company logo and message. Ask our team how challenge coins add to the entire wingman experience.

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Extend the Energy of Your Event All Year
with the A.C.E. Program

Waldo’s 52 week program reaffirms the key concepts and sustains the energy he delivers in his programs.
Fly a weekly mission with Waldo and get fast, actionable tools that are raw, real and relevant for your success.

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