Waldo, your "One Team, One Mission" message, philosophy of trusting your wingmen, and becoming Mission Ready totally aligned with our teamwork goal. In all my years of attending sales meetings, you were simply one of the best!

Tim Krzyzanowski, VP Sales, Philips Medical Systems

Waldo’s Focus: Performance Excellence

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My motivational keynotes and inspirational seminars engage the most challenging issues faced by your organization that are holding back its ability to achieve peak performance and win in highly competitive environments.


Every lesson, analogy and training tool is based on real-world jet fighter combat and training missions.  There is no “simulation” and nothing I show is from the movie “Top Gun” or from an airshow where everything is pre-planned and simply a demonstration. Your life and business is not a demo. It’s real!  The videos and stories I show are real.  I will put you right on the flight line and in the cockpit to experience how high performance teams really function under pressure.


BRONCOS COIN closerMore often than not, the most challenging aspect of your company’s business model is not the execution and delivery of its products or services, but rather in its ability to build a more cohesive workforce, attract more customers, and ultimately beat the competition to win in the marketplace! My objective is to help your leaders create and inspire a high performance culture that focuses on results.


Wingman Trusted PartnerBy diligently preparing for each business mission and trusting in our leadership to provide a strategic vision and a set of objectives that are understood by all, we can maximize our ability to win. If we learn to overcome our fearstake courageous risks, and focus on the mission rather than ourselves, we can break performance barriers that limit our growth.


If we engage each business mission as if we are in combat and our lives (and our wingmen’s lives) depend on our success, think of how focused we would be! Think of how much we would want to win! This is what I call applying the “fighter pilot state of mind” to business. It is a spirit that is dedicated to superior performance and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.




– Focus Energy & Accept Responsibility

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