Waldo, your “One Team, One Mission” message, philosophy of trusting your wingmen, and becoming Mission Ready totally aligned with our teamwork goal. In all my years of attending sales meetings, you were simply one of the best!

Tim Krzyzanowski, VP Sales, Philips Medical Systems

You took us on an unforgettable and inspiring journey that was fun, fast-paced, and engaging. You provided front-line hotel leaders with great takeaways for their everyday business interactions. Quite simply, you have strengthened our entire company…enough to have you back two years later….Another homerun!

Pat Lupsha, EVP & COO, Davidson Hotels

“I’ve attended hundreds of meetings and I must say Waldo is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.  Even though we gave him the challenge of an after dinner program and a day-worn audience, his speech was engaging, motivating, and very powerful.”

Kevin Yates, Director, President, LMV Division

“You delivered more than a “call to action” keynote to our Sales, Marketing, and Underwriting teams.  We distributed your book and have used it in our training, and have adopted the “One Team, One Mission” mantra throughout our entire organization.”

Steve Zabriskie, Asst. VP Sales, Auto-Owners Insurance Company

“We tasked you with helping us to focus on embracing our customers, providing them with the guidance that together we can reach new heights, and you exceeded all of our expectations! You showed phenomenal skills in relating your message to the healthcare industry, and your effective use of humor and “industry language” was engaging and a huge plus.”

James M. Lyons, President and CEO, The SSI Group,

“Your opening keynote speech at our National Sales Meeting was the “WOW” factor we needed to fire up our group…. Your personal touch will sustain the memory of this event for years to come.”

Matthew Roberson, Sr. VP of Sales, Sumitomo Drive Technologies

“Weaving our business into your presentation made it very personal and our sales organization really liked that. Your message about “never flying solo” and trusting partnerships certainly resonated with Colonial and I’m excited about the renewed  enthusiasm our sales organization has shown this year.”

Tom Arnold, SVP Sales & Marketing, Colonial Life Insurance Company

His engaging personality made the presentation very effective, and his ability to relate to our industry was outstanding. Waldo’s keynote was by far the favorite of the conference. Every business needs to listen to his speech.”

Maureen Gallagher, VP of Marketing, Metz Culinary Management

“Your message made us feel as if you were speaking to each one us personally. The energy you brought was contagious and the lessons invaluable. As you know, we brought you back to speak at our awards banquet a few moths later, which is a testament to your impact. Thanks again for everything!”

Rocco Alianiello, Division President, Western PA, US Foods

“Your message transcended across the 100 top leaders of our global audience and inspired them to action.  This was your second engagement with Delphi and you certainly did not disappoint.  Still today, your motivational phrases continue to energize, and we are reminded to engage our fellow wingmen and create a culture of mutual support.“

Claudia Piccinin, Dir. of Mktg and Communications, Delphi Thermal Systems

You were the best speaker we have had, which is quite the endorsement since all of our previous speakers were outstanding.  You informed, instructed, and inspired us, and are a great role model of a person who overcame real fears to achieve their real passion.”

Bruce Himes, President, Western Water Works Supply Co.

“As a company in the process of driving major change, we needed a speaker who could help us focus on selling and working as a team. Waldo’s “trust your wingman” message went right to the heart of that concept. His energizing messages about perseverance, strategy, teamwork, and sales execution are ones that any true sales professional will take to heart. I couldn’t be happier with his program.”

Charles Forsgard, Director, OEM Sales, Schneider Electric

“The three hour seminar in Germany shot by, and many commented how you were able to understand our world so well.  We re-used much of your messaging throughout the rest of the week, and I see elements permeating our daily work.  Your session will last a long time in the memories and actions of our team!”

Ian Eggs, WW Dir. Laboratory Automation Systems, Johnson & Johnson

“Waldo, your presentation resulted in a record breaking week of prospecting.  We closed 70 new accounts, which is almost our monthly quota!  You weren’t just another “motivational” speaker.  You invested in the process and dedicated yourself to learning the Aflac business. Thank you for helping us to “Push it up!”

Randy Bartlein, State Sales Coordinator, Aflac

“You were able to create an emotional connection with our group. While many expected to hear another speaker talk about their personal accomplishments, you were able to weave your life story of service and success in business into specific info relevant to our company.  It really brought the message home for the audience.”

James Kaloyanides, Director, Sales & Customer Service, New England Coffee Company

“One of the most exciting aspects of your program was your ability to interact so deeply with the audience.  You were able to make personal connections that allowed all of us to feel like your “personal wingmen.”  This helped us all to connect more intimately and understand that we can grow stronger as a team rather than individually.”

Melissa Withrow, Exec. Asst. to Jeff Connolly, President of Michigan Ops

“This was Waldo’s second engagement with Lease Plan and each was meaningful and full of passion. Whether he is speaking to Sales, IT or other departments, his ‘Never Fly Solo’ message is relevant and inspiring at all levels of the organization.  His mantra to ‘Push it Up!’ is the exact message our Leadership team needed to hear as we demand more from ourselves, push our teams to the limit, and strive to sustain organizational greatness.”

Nancy D’Amica, Sr. VP and CIO, LeasePlan

“Waldo was credible and professional from the pre-planning stages through event execution. He did a fantastic job connecting his real-life fighter pilot and business experience to the challenges faced by our vendors and distributors. His empowering and emotional message set the tone for the entire event.”

Dean Reverman, Global MARCOM Manager, BlueStar Distributors

 “The relevant presentation, specifically tailored to the aviation industry, together with your sincere brave heart, was a perfect match for our attendees. You brought energy and zest to the last day of our conference and our attendees not only received a strong message, but left smiling with renewed enthusiasm.”

Connie Schaeffer, President, The Air Carriers Purchasing Conference

“Your tailored message resonated very well with every member of our organization. Emotions ran the gamut from laughter to tears and I believe you left a lasting impression on our entire organization that will benefit us for years to come.”

Eric Shiring, CFO, Good Source Solutions

“Thanks for helping is defeat the Giants in the best game of our season! Feel free to take credit for any of our victories as we continue to build our new dynasty within the NFL.”

Jerry Butler, Director of Player Development, Cleveland Browns

“You provided the conference focus for our remaining three days and set the stage for one of our most successful conferences ever.

We couldn’t have had a better take-off for our 35th anniversary celebration.”

Mark Carlson, President, Association of Independent Mailing Equipment Dealers

Your Wingman message had such a profound impact on the team, that we scrapped the rest of the day’s agenda and built on your critical theme of teambuilding and trusting your wingmen.”

David Wilkins, VP Contracts — Raytheon Network Centric Systems

Waldo, you were the highlight of our meeting! Thank you for taking the time to know our business inside and out. I am, without hesitation, proud to be your wingman!

Kaye McComas, Director of Recovery — Federated Department Stores

Your 2 days of speaking was of immense help to our sales teams. Not only was your presentation informative and real world, but you also captured everyone’s attention and peaked their motivation, two very direct benefits for our sales force and our company. You are a true professional!

Laura Marsh, Vice President, Marketing — LandAmerica Financial Group West

Waldo has a great ability to translate his military experience into key sales and leadership principles that can apply to each of us. His story lines around teamwork, trust, preparation, focus, and execution really resonated with our organization. We’ll continue to ‘Push it up!’ here at HP!

Chris Ogburn, Director — HP Personal Systems Group

Waldo was amazing! Bottom line — he didn’t deliver a canned speech on teamwork, change, and unity. He gave a speech to MTM Technologies, about MTM Technologies as he knew the difficulties we faced as a newly merged company. I would highly recommend Waldo for any event whereteamwork and peak performance are goals. He makes people laugh, listen, and engage, and in the end…remember!!

Lauren Berg, Marketing Manager — MTM Technologies

Waldo — fantastic job in both your preparation and execution! From our first contact through thehigh energy engagement and then finally with your follow up by way of helpful advice and e-mail tips, you are a true professional. Your ability to personalize your message was admirable, as you really embraced our focus on teamwork and trust at a critical time for our business.”

Hal Hitch, Vice President, Product and Marketing — CIT Financial, Office Technology & Finance

Waldo, I’ve worked with many speakers over the years and you stand out as one of the most client-focused I have ever worked with. Moreover, your interaction with the audience and passion are commendable, and your message is relevant to all phases of life…from business to the home. Thank you for making our National Education Conference in Nashville a mission success!

Lynette Schick, Education Director — Society of Government Meeting Professionals

This was our first ever sales conference and Waldo delivered! His preparation and care in understanding our business challenges made his message extremely relevant. He’s an outstanding storyteller…funny and authentic.

Linda Hodo, VP of Corp Development — Zurich Insurance

Your approach combined the panache of a fighter pilot, the knowledge of a business commentator, the focus of an executive consultant, and the wisdom of a sage. You were engaging without being flippant, you were motivating without being ‘over the top,’ and you were highly prepared without being canned.

Craig Atkinson, Director of Career Development — Walsh Construction

Having been in this business for 20 years and having witnessed dozens of great speakers while working for two of the largest medical companies in the world, I have never seen a speaker that was more genuinely effective then you were for Osteomed.

Larry Harvey, National Sales Director — Osteomed

Waldo’s presentation was inspirational and packed full of relevant business take-aways. His content was heartfelt and the audience never drifted. He didn’t just talk about being a wingman, he showed it.

Jeff Duckworth, Exec VP of Sales — John Hancock Funds

Exciting, Challenging, Emotional, Entertaining and Thought-Provoking” are the first words that come to mind when describing your performance Waldo. The experience was simply “worth every penny“, and has given us our battle cry for 2008…”One Team, One Goal!

Jonathan O’Neill, Managing Director of Sales — Hilton Grand Vacations

Our decision to hire Waldo was the best choice we could have made. He customized a unique program tailored just for us by carefully blending examples from our own business, his military and personal business experience, great audio visual footage and powerful, practical ideas. Waldo was the perfect climax to our conference and his program was better than I could have even imagined.

Frank Marcus, General Sales Manager — Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery

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