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Muscle Confusion – A simple fitness concept can help you grow in business and in life

       A fitness concept called “muscle confusion” can help you build strength and become stronger. It’s a […]

Refuel & Retool – How to maintain your performance and mindset

     Every fighter pilot is required to have a minimum of 12 hours of crew rest between training […]

Focus on who, not how

if you're overwhelemd when it comes to accomplishing your goals, focus on who, not how.

Are you Preparing for Gold?

The Olympics are amazing, and 2018 was no exception. The competitive spirit, excitement and drama made it one of the best I’ve seen in years.   But beyond the actual competition, what astonishes me most about the games is the back story of each athlete – the hurdles and sacrifices each went through to get...

Five Top-Gun Tactics to Conquer Fear, Overcome Adversity and Achieve Breakthroughs

If there’s one thing I faced every time I strapped into an F-16 in combat – it’s fear.   Fear of getting shot down…becoming a prisoner of war…letting down my team.   They were all obstacles and adversities.   But the biggest obstacles weren’t the missiles launched on my aircraft. They were the missiles in...

Mission Briefing – The Key to Effective Communication

Mission Briefing – The Key to Effective Communication

Nobody likes being “in the dark.” The mind can play terrible games when you find yourself operating in a communication vacuum; indeed, the most carefully laid plans can be undermined by poor communication.   The feeling of anxiety brought on by an emergency or a rapidly changing environment is what fighter pilots refer to as...