“Waldo was credible and professional from the pre-planning stages through event execution. He did a fantastic job connecting his real-life fighter pilot and business experience to the challenges faced by our vendors and distributors. His empowering and emotional message set the tone for the entire event.”

Dean Reverman, Global MARCOM Manager, BlueStar Distributors

Business Motivational Speaker

Business motivational speaker Waldo Waldman is a professional sales and leadership sBusiness Motivational Speaker Waldo Waldmanpeaker, former fighter pilot, successful business manager, and author of the national bestseller Never Fly Solo. His motivational programs are designed to help companies and individuals  create trusting partnerships between customers and employees and enable them to excel in demanding and rapidly changing business environments.


Your audience will learn to:

  • Embrace challenge and change with courage
  • Prepare diligently for every business mission
  • Serve clients and colleagues with compassion
  • Lead with integrity during adverse times
  • Break performance barriers and maximize potential in both business and life

A constantly changing economy, increased operational costs, lack of teamwork, and poor leadership are reducing morale and hurting performance in many organizations. Waldo will instill a culture of accountability, mutual support, and performance excellence which ultimately will improve your ability to cut costs, improve productivity, and  attract more customers.

Waldo FOX Shaking hands


Waldo is one of the few business motivational speakers to be featured on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, SUCCESS Magazine, Business Week Magazine, INC. Magazine and The Harvard Business Review. He brings passion and real  world business content to each engagement. No story or video is simulated…only real world, just like your business.


Searching for a branded conference theme to tie Waldo’s message to your meeting objectives? Here are a few to consider:  One Team-One Mission, Never Fly Solo, Winning Together, The Power of Partnership, Push it up!, Breaking Barriers, Mission: Excellence!, Aim High, The Right Stuff, Soaring to New Heights, Take Flight!, Who’s Your Wingman?


“Your approach combined the panache of a fighter pilot, the knowledge of a business commentator, the focus of an executive consultant, and the wisdom of a sage. You were engaging without being flippant, motivating without being ‘over the top’, and highly prepared without being canned.”  Craig Atkinson, Director of Career Development – Walsh Construction


Waldo’s clients include Oppenheimer, Novartis, Subway, AOLGenRe, Panasonic, Baltimore Gas & Electric, US Foods, PayPal, New York Life, Outback SteakHouse, Healthcare Financial Management Association, and The National Association of Retail Marketing


Waldo and his team want to help turn your next corporate meeting into an exciting and unique experience for your attendees.  Call 1-866-925-3616 to discuss your meeting objectives and explore how Waldo can be your wingman for your upcoming meeting.


Having seen a number of motivational speakers, your approach was clearly on target. The fact that you customized your material to the audience is to be commended, and almost beyond the call of duty. You held the audience’s attention; you were riveting!

William D. Danko, Ph.D. — Co-Author of the Nat’l bestseller “The Millionaire Next Door” 

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