“Waldo, your presentation resulted in a record breaking week of prospecting.  We closed 70 new accounts, which is almost our monthly quota!  You weren't just another “motivational” speaker.  You invested in the process and dedicated yourself to learning the Aflac business. Thank you for helping us to “Push it up!”

Randy Bartlein, State Sales Coordinator, Aflac


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Please inform us if there are any issues with providing the required technical support. Thank you!


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  • Staging (raised platform) in the center of the front wall of the room with an American Flag (and other flags you would like to display)on the right side. Please have steps off of the platform on either side.
  • Small chair on the side of the stage. No podium necessary.
  • Keep front row as close to stage as possible, and fill up front rows first!  (~six feet away is ideal.)


  • A bright stage will help keep the audience focus at the front of the room. Waldo will utilize the entire stage and will even walk into the audience.
  • For large groups greater than 500, a SPOTLIGHT is highly suggested. (If used, please aim it for a general wash of the front of the stage. People are more alert in brightness. Dim the lighting on the screens but keep the house lights up full.)
  • Use a dark backdrop to accentuate Waldo’s face and body.


Video projection system & associated cables for a laptop (MACBOOK PRO) power point presentation. Please have a backup Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect MacBook to the projector.

Never Fly Solo book group photo small-1

  • Largest Projection Screen possible. (for audiences greater than 400 people, IMAG (image magnification) is highly recommended.)
  • Wireless lapel or headset mic. If headset not available, please provide Shure 4 prong wireless adapter.
  • (Optional) Repeater monitor (for power point) at front of stage.
  • Waldo will use a hand held remote to run through slides. He must be within 75 feet of the laptop for the remote to function. If unable to place the laptop within 75 feet of his position, then please provide an alternate remote control system.
  • Laptop needs to attach to a high powered sound system as the program will have video/audio clips. Please provide necessary interface items/adapters (RCA, 1/4″ or 1/8″ mini-jack).
  • If possible, please provide a back-up MacBook Pro or laptop computer with Windows 7 or XP and Power Point 2010 (or later) loaded. A back-up of the presentation will be installed on this laptop. Should Waldo’s laptop freeze, he will switch to the back-up. An RGB switcher should be utilized to switch to this secondary laptop.

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