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Be A Community Wingman

     As we approach our great nation's birthday, I wanted to share a rewarding experience I recently had with my family.   This past Father’s Day, I was thrilled to be honored as the "Hometown Hero" at the Atlanta Braves game. It was truly a special occasion and I was blessed to be...

Focus on who, not how

if you're overwhelemd when it comes to accomplishing your goals, focus on who, not how.

Are you Preparing for Gold?

The Olympics are amazing, and 2018 was no exception. The competitive spirit, excitement and drama made it one of the best I’ve seen in years.   But beyond the actual competition, what astonishes me most about the games is the back story of each athlete – the hurdles and sacrifices each went through to get...

Be the type of American worth fighting for

As we approach Veterans Day, many of you may be wondering how you can express your sincere gratitude for those who fought (and continue to fight) for the freedoms that our flag represents. After all, if you’ve never worn a military uniform or tasted the sting of battle, it can be difficult to express thanks to...

Five Top-Gun Tactics to Conquer Fear, Overcome Adversity and Achieve Breakthroughs

If there’s one thing I faced every time I strapped into an F-16 in combat – it’s fear.   Fear of getting shot down…becoming a prisoner of war…letting down my team.   They were all obstacles and adversities.   But the biggest obstacles weren’t the missiles launched on my aircraft. They were the missiles in...

Hope, Courage and Inspiration from a Stranger

Hope, Courage and Inspiration from a Stranger

Every day we have a chance to inspire and to be inspired - to find greater meaning in the grind of our daily lives. To find the courage and hope to press on and break through our fears and doubts that may be holding us back from taking our life to the next level. Even when we're in the dungeon of despair.